About Extol

Extol: To raise high with praise; commend.

Mission Statement

Extol! Charitable Foundation’s purpose is to educate, encourage, assist and entertain our fellow human beings into addressing social ills and suffering on the planet including, and without limitation, racial tension, poverty, all forms of discrimination and implementation and promotion of educational pursuits. The purpose is to revive the basic human love of giving to and helping each other. Extol! intends to awaken the joy of creativity in living in a community and contributing.

Extol! will do this, by way of example, and without limitation, through art, photography, videos, mass media, radio, television, billboards, posters, educational materials, lectures, rallies, scholarships, publishing and writing of books, teaching in schools, clinics, prisons, and counseling.

Gary's film and posters have been used in many New Mexico schools, universities, prisons, theatres and clinics. Billboards made from images of our posters have been hung in several cities. Gary's story and photographs have appeared in many newspapers.

Now we embark on this Pass it Forward Campaign to spread this website around the world.

Extol! Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity, Federal EIN #20-2557884 and a New Mexico Nonprofit Corporation.


Kenneth R. Wagner
Margo Manaraze Wagner

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